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The Importance of Knowledgeable Support Teams for Lenders

Partnering with a fintech that knows the needs, challenges, and opportunities in the mortgage space is crucial for remaining successful.

What makes a successful relationship? Trust, a shared goal and mutual respect. For lenders, they seek to build strong relationships with their borrowers by building trust that they are the best partner to help them meet the goal of buying or refinancing a home. That trust is earned by delivering on promises, exceeding expectations and walking with the borrower along the journey from application to closing.

Lenders also need to build strong relationships with their fintech partners who can help them navigate unavoidable changes in the market. No matter how the mortgage market or loan demand fluctuates, lenders need support from their partners to remain efficient, flexible and compliant.

The current economic landscape features rising inflation, increasing interest rates from the Feds and increasing mortgage rates. During times of market uncertainty, it’s crucial for lenders to partner with tech vendors that know the ins and outs of the industry and can ensure a seamless transition during the shifts in the market.  

A quick summary of VirPacks’s business philosophy would be, “Your success is our success.” Symbiotic relationships with lenders, supported by expertise, constant two-way communication and critical feedback that source mortgage-technology innovation ultimately benefit the housing market. VirPack’s team of industry experts strive to achieve that goal in the short and long term to improve loan efficiency, reduce the time to close and fill the gaps left by legacy loan origination software (LOS) technologies.

VirPack Builds Trust with Extensive Mortgage Experience

VirPack’s customer experience team provides the personal touch, lending automation expertise and support that lenders need to uncover, understand, and resolve emerging problems for their clients.

Our employees understand the day-to-day demands of the mortgage industry because many have worked in the space prior to joining the team. VirPack’s knowledgeable team makes our company unique, which translates into an effective, customized mortgage lending solution for your organization. This expertise is ingrained in our culture and contributes to our client's success. 

Such company culture organically breeds lasting trust and loyal client relationships that make a huge difference in customer relations. Customer success officers regularly stay in touch with clients and never wait for emergencies to inquire about what a client needs. VirPack persistently builds genuine and friendly relationships that celebrate people’s careers and personal lives equally.

Committed to Mutual Success

VirPack’s whole-response approach to customer relations is a result of our client success program that streamlines support operations and strategic relationship management. To ensure demand for assistance never falls through the cracks team members stay engaged with each customer. The entire team stays laser-focused on helping lenders solve issues with loans at any stage of the loan process. Similarly, staff work together to ensure that the transition from a new customer to ongoing support and training is seamless.

The program takes a step further than just providing onboarding and routine maintenance by incorporating customer feedback into product development. Our quarterly relationship meetings offer a way to track clients’ automation challenges, record enhancement requests and make certain that each client is maximizing the best of the platform for their processes.

Tech Staff, Mortgage Market Expertise, and Innovation

As mentioned, market experience is the key to VirPack’s customer success. A team of lending tech experts brings deep mortgage finance knowledge to the regular relationship meetings and daily information exchanges with lenders beyond those typically in this space. Assessments of the customer and broader market demand for lending services and products are rooted in a very clear understanding of the technology and the mortgage market.

Our cumulative market expertise enables our team to tap into communications with lender clients to discover emerging industry trends. Actionable market information also may reveal ideas the product team can use to innovate the VirPack platform.

VirPack plans to independently advance mortgage lending; however, much of that innovation comes from closely listening to customers. It is how the principle of personalized financial services and customized mortgage technology solutions are adopted by the marketplace and have become a reality for platform users.

As a lender looking to modernize their workflow, it’s crucial to realize the importance of partnering with a fintech that knows the needs, challenges and opportunities in the mortgage space. The market is always fluctuating, but your tech partner’s support shouldn’t.

During market volatility, it’s essential for lenders to find peace of mind in their partnerships and continue pushing their business forward.

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